About Acreage Pharms Ltd

Acreage Pharms Ltd was founded in the picturesque landscape of Alberta’s Rocky Mountain foothills, propelled by a singular objective – to ensure Canadians enjoy consistent and dependable access to high-quality cannabis and related products.

This mission might seem straightforward, but it’s grounded in our belief that life’s greatest offerings are indeed the simplest.


Positioned at the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, our production facility adheres to stringent scientific standards, enabling us to develop proprietary strains that flourish amidst the innate conditions of our homeland. Our methodology involves the meticulous selection of cultivars, scrupulous nutrient management, and rigorous quality assurance testing, ensuring a superior level of craftsmanship.

Capitalizing on our distinctive natural surroundings, we are dedicated to the production of both therapeutic and recreational cannabis products that are not only highly effective but also reflect our commitment to exceptional quality and performance.

Minimal Quantities, The Optimal Method for Cannabis Production

In compliance with the Canadian Cannabis Act, we operate three distinct divisions, each utilizing small, uniform, region-specific cultivation environments. This strategy ensures each strain’s specific growth requirements are met for optimal yield.

Our certified cultivators oversee 1500 square foot micro-cultivation areas, equipped with advanced, science-driven growing systems. Uniform facilities guarantee the production of premium cannabis, upholding stringent standards of quality and distinction.