Eliminating as much unnecessary packaging.

As climate change remains in headlines as a growing global crisis, it continues to impact consumers. The cannabis industry isn’t immune to consumers with this way of thinking. Companies will need to consider packaging cannabis with materials that are recyclable, perhaps biodegradable, and compostable.

But this trend isn’t just hitting younger consumers. Almost half of all shoppers say they would change their purchasing and consumption habits if it helped the environment. And while the cannabis industry has exploded

across North America in the past five years, it has also added an excessive amount of packing waste with an estimated 10,000 tons of waste in the first year of legalization alone in Canada.

As a company, we are focusing on eliminating as much unnecessary packaging as possible. But the challenge for cannabis packaging companies as well as designers and marketers is that they will need to refocus on how they tell their company story on different, and sometimes less, packing material.

We have chosen to package our dried flower cannabis in the not so popular pouches to help eliminate excessive waste. We care.


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