Initial Registration

At Acreage Pharms we endeavour to provide our clients with a satisfying customer service experience. Follow our simple three-step registration process to become a registered patient:

  1. Complete the Acreage Pharms' Registration Application (PDF) or complete the Registration Application - With Non-PermAddress (PDF) if you currently reside in a hostel, shelter, hospice or similar institution.

  2. Obtain a Medical Document (prescription) (PDF) for medical cannabis from a health care practitioner.

  3. Once your medical document is completed by your healthcare practitioner they can either fax it to 1-888-693-0150 or mail the original (it cannot be a photocopy or scan) to:

Acreage Pharms Ltd.
P.O Box 51
Peers, Alberta
T0E 1W0

Acreage Pharms Ltd, upon receipt of the Medical Document, will confirm its validity with the office of the health care practitioner. Once the accuracy of the application is verified to be correct, Acreage Pharms will provide a Registration Document to the client, and clients can begin filling their prescription either by phone, or by logging in at the Acreage Pharms online store.

Additional details about the process for obtaining a medical document can be found at Health Canada's Accessing cannabis for medical purposes from a licensed producer page.

Registration Changes and Updates

Clients must update their registration using the Registration Amendment Document (PDF) if any of the following items change:

  • Name change (ie: name change of client or caregiver for the client). Proof of name change must be submitted.

  • Address Change (shipping address change, primary address change)

  • Contact Information Change (telephone number change, cell phone number change, fax number change, email address change)

  • Gender Change (doctor verification required)

Registration Renewal

The registration renewal procedure is the same as the initial registration. Clients must submit a new Medical Document along with the appropriate Registration Application.

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